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Hi everyone, SURVA will be part of a new program called TAG UR IT! An exciting program designed to alleviate the extreme shortage of officials, give individuals a starting point to look into officiating as a part time job and help junior players earn a little extra cash and mentor younger participants.

The program gets it's name from our search for Talented And Gifted (TAG) junior officials. It's our mission to help these junior officials move to the next level of officiating for pay as adults. There are several aspects to this program that will look to strengthen our junior and adult officiating corps and providing help to those interested in getting into officiating.


Our National level officials will be looking for Talented And Gifted scorers and R2s. These kids will receive a bag TAG signed by the National level official and recognized by other officials showing the scorer or R2 as well qualified. ONLY the most exceptional will receive the bag TAGs showing this player as Talented And Gifted.

We will also use Junior Scorer Monitors to help with 2-4 courts at most Region assisted tournaments. These monitors will receive $100 for full day and $50 for half day (pool or wave). If you have players or you are that player who is an exceptional scorer, work well with younger players and want to make some extra cash when not playing please let us know. We will be using these monitors at all Region Qualifying Tournaments. They do not have to be playing that day or weekend to make a little cash.

Junior Scorer Monitor

We are also developing a similar program with a per match fee for exceptional Junior R2s.


Kids moving to college are always looking for good part time jobs and one of those can be officiating for club and high school. It's better pay than a burger joint and scheduled to your availability.

As a student we understand finances are cramped and free time is limited. With officiating you have the opportunity to work on your own schedule and still leave time for study. If you played volleyball you've already got a leg up because you know what it takes and  have probably done a little bit of officiating during practice. If not we know you're teachable and will take to it quickly.   

If you've been TAGGED while a junior player our Region will provide a recommendation upon request to the officiating entity.


If you're an adult, looking for a decent part time job and can pass a background screen then we have the job for you. You can become a volleyball official! Volleyball has become a year round sport and there lots of opportunities in all disciplines such Club, High School and College. Each one has it's assets and each one neeeeeeds officials.

Plus you can work on your own availability.

Takes patience, compassion and empathy though. If you think you have the personality and time then please contact us by clicking one of the links listed below on this TAGGED UR IT! welcome page.


If you're interested in joining the SURVA Officiating Corp please contact the following individuals in your Area:

Albuquerque--Steve Franco

Amarillo--Sonny King

El Paso--Frank Ayala

Lubbock--Peri Copeland-Keefner

Permian Basin--Lauren Dennard