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New for 2018-2019

*Information Tabs

We have created two new information tabs for you to help with any questions or concerns. The first of course is this tab and the other is the USAV and SURVA Policies Tab on the left side to answer questions or concerns about why and how.

Concerning the new items below please go to the appropriate Handbook or Policy to get complete details. The information below is a condensed version of the information.

*Club Selection date

The BoD has approved a new club selection date of Oct 20 to allow clubs to build teams and order equipment.

*Entry and Withdrawal 

Due to ever increasing late withdrawals and the increased workload processing refunds and entry transfers, the Entry and Late Withdrawal Policy has been changed and deadlines defined. The complete policy with step deadlines can found in the Tournament Handbook. ALL tournament withdrawals, regardless of date, are subject to a minimum $100 processing fee upon withdrawal from a Region run tournament.

*Division VI 

The net height for teams in Division VI will be set at 6'8" when possible. There will still be a 10' step in for serve.

*Regional Qualifying Tournaments

Due to the increased cost of holding tournaments at the convention centers the entry fee for Regional Qualifying Tournaments has been increased to $375. The Championships will remain the same at $450.

*SURVA Region Championships

“SURVA National Bid Tournament” Teams in age groups 11-16 wanting to compete for the Region bids to Girls Nationals must compete in at least THREE of the five Regional Qualifying Tournaments and meet all entrance requirements. Required attendance for 18s are only ONE and 17s are only TWO. Each age group division will consist of THE TOP 24 TEAMS in multiples of FOUR that finish within the top 50 of the final rankings. 

“SURVA Region Club Championship” consists of teams not wanting to compete for a bid, These teams'  attendance will remain at TWO of the five Regional Qualifying Tournaments.

 *Tournaments--PURPLE CARDS

The officials will now be able to issue team purple cards for spectator behavior. Too often we've had the Zero Tolerance disregarded either by the site director or the officials. Teams can now be sanctioned for fan behavior by using purple cards like we use red and yellow cards for match participants. First a warning to the team. Then a penalty to team. Zero Tolerance will still be in place for incidents deemed appropriate.

 *Player Weekend Participation Policy

For all SURVA Region tournaments or leagues:  Players are restricted to only one team roster per weekend. They may be placed on another team roster on the same weekend ONLY IF ALL of the following requirements/conditions are met: 

1. With waiver from Registrar or Commissioner. 

2. Proof of Team Hardship  Examples: Player injury or lack of players

3. Their previous team of the same weekend is not playing that day.


This policy allows a team to play in two one day tournaments or in a tournament with different divisions held on separate days but not the player without a waiver granted by the Region. The team may not play in different divisions/age groups on the same day.


Without the waiver, the team has used an illegal player and must forfeit all matches in which that team competed with the illegal player.